Back with the 2016 Google Summer of Code at TU Wien


After being ordered to the bench in 2015 (to give others a chance to participate as well), we made it back! The TU Wien – for the fifth time now – participates this year again in Google’s Summer of Code program with the loose interest group “Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien”. Our group is composed of several departments of our university and thus offers students a diverse set of free open source projects to work on. By now, we can look back on a decent history: We have already participated in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and so far supervised 40 international students with a great interdisciplinary team of university staff.

For this year, visit our org(anization) at the program website and checkout our project ideas. Selected students will have the excellent opportunity to enter an internationally highly visible student summer program, extend their programming skills, get in touch with open source development teams in the area of science and engineering, and on top of that Google will hand out USD 5 500 to each successful student. Interested students should get in touch with us via our mailing list as soon as possible to prepare their application material; submission deadline is March 25.

For us, the university, participating in the Google Summer of Code allows us to advance our open source code, which in turn is desperately needed to advance our science with a reasonable pace. We get access to highly motivated students who are eager to learn and bring new ideas and impulses to the table, which for obvious reasons is of great interest to us. It also allows us to spread the awareness about the importance of open source code for science and engineering and educate future research software engineers. This is what I call a win-win.

The Austrian media picked up on the topic as well – here are some links in German:

IUE Summer of Code 2015


Worry not, TU Wien-students, you can code during the summer months and become one of the next IUE Interns!

Behold, the

IUE Summer of Code 2015 

organised by a team of fearless software warriors (Andreas ‘Ivan’ Morhammer, Florian Rudolf, Karl’i’ Rupp, and me) working at the Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien (which also funds this program, by the way, so a big ‘Thank you!’).

With this program we build on the great success with our Google Summer of Code participations organised by our Computational Science and Engineering group (with our team at the Institute at the helm). Our aim is to strengthen the awareness of free open source scientific software development at our university, and therefore we created the IUE Summer of Code spin-off.

We even made a poster! (The fearless among you may look for these on the ground levels of the buildings of the electrical engineering department – Go now, and look for them, Godspeed!)


If you are indeed a TU Wien-student and interested in software development, come to our info-meeting, which is on March 9, 2015 at 15:00 in lecture hall EI 3A.

Potential project topics range from high performance computing, GPU computing, mesh generation/adaptation, GUI development, and data collection to web development and much more!

Join us and become the next IUE Intern!

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